Ignaty Nikulin

Hello, my name is Ignaty Nikulin

I am the Founder and CTO of Cone-headed Cat an ever curious digital agency with a love for all things WordPress and WooCommerce.

I do job well for its own sake and imbue my every process with the skill, integrity, and value of a true craftsman and you should follow me on that twitter thing here.

Entrepreneur. Pescetarian. Introvert. Apatheist.


Senior Front-end Developer at Oracle and Front-end Architect and Technology Consultant at Be Memorable.

5+ years of experience with HTML5, CSS3, CHTML, Razor, Git, RWD, SASS, LESS, jQuery, PhoneGap, JSON, RESTful, Knockout.js, Mustache.js (and similar), decent "vanilla" JavaScript and Wordpress.

I was involved in projects such as Thornton's, Liverpool FC Online Store, Spirit Pub Company (Taylor Walker Pubs and Chef & Brewer), Sole and Sole Trader, Steigenberger Hotels, Royal Air Force Club and many others. Feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile for more information.


Are you a rock star client, potential partner or a nice fellow recruiter who can get me to exciting positions, promising startups or interested places? Feel free to contact me at LinkedIn.